OBTAIN MULTIPLE STATE PERMITS AND RESOLVE cross-boundary issues with single-point data entry.


     A diverse and uniquely qualified team of professionals, representing all sectors of the specialized transportation industry, have joined to produce technology products designed to save time, increase accuracy, manage credentials and reduce penalties while allowing transportation companies to focus on what they do best: engineering the movement of complicated loads.


     We at Pit Row Transportation Solutions (PRTS)  have partnered with the industry’s favored automated permit system vendor, ProMiles Software Development, to produce “Permit Manager”, a state-of the-art, comprehensive, full service product designed to eliminate thousands of labor hours dedicated to  manual processes, planning, ordering, and managing oversize/overweight permits, trip and fuel permits, and more. 


The Problem

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     Specialized carriers, regardless of size, face a maelstrom of challenges in a highly dynamic environment: labor-intensive permitting processes, such as manual data entry into multiple state permitting systems, combined with a lack of uniformity of required load attributes and constant modifications to state and federal permitting procedures; shortage of qualified staff; the struggle to stay current with  rule and policy changes, and aggressive fines and  penalties.

The Solution

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“Permit Manager”, powered by ProMiles & delivered by Pit Row Transportation Solutions is a “One-Stop-Shop”, role-based and configurable solution that automates every aspect of Oversize/Overweight (OS/OW) permit management of vehicles transporting in all 50 U.S. states and 13 Canadian provinces and territories.   

The Benefits

Fast implementation, sophisticated analysis, digital self-service, mobile-readiness, GIS integration, single-point application process, permit status immediacy all make for faster and more informed decisions and significant time and cost savings.

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